Impromptu Speaking

Learn how to deliver effective impromptu speeches through a combination of online classes and virtual practice.

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Course overview


CPD Certified

9 online lessons

Digital certificate

Impromptu practice

1 hour to complete

Course outcomes

Understand the importance of impromptu speaking in the modern world

Effectively deal with on-the-spot speaking situations such as presentations, interview questions, or media interviews

Explore and learn from real examples of impromptu speaking

Review strategies for buying time when called on unexpectedly to speak

Overcome your fear of dealing with impromptu situations

Learn how to speak in difficult situations, even when you are unprepared

Practice and improve your impromptu speaking skills in a mini game

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Impromptu speaking

There are many occasions in both our professional and personal life when we are called on unexpectedly to deliver an impromptu speech. These situations offer us opportunities to influence others, inform customers or colleagues, and make an unforgettable impression - when done right.

This short course will give you the techniques to speak convincingly in these impromptu situations. Learn why impromptu speaking is so critical to your career, how to structure your words to give a clear and strong message, and what to do when you have no time to prepare and have to think on your feet.

Simulation game

Improve with practice

This course is designed to help you quickly become a more effective and confident speaker in any impromptu situation.

For maximum learning, this includes a simulation game in which you can practice your impromptu speaking skills in the safety of the virtual world.

Improve your impromptu speaking

This blended course is made up of three key parts to accelerate your learning:

Learn online courses

Online classes

Learn fundamental techniques and strategies for giving an impromptu speech through expert articles, example videos and analysis.

Practice in simulations

Impromptu simulation

After completing the classes, practice your impromptu skills and put them to the test in an online simulation game.

Improve with feedback


Every time you use the simulation, you'll receive instant feedback on your dialogue through AI. You can also playback your performance for self-evaluation.

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Course curriculum

  • This short module explains the course and how the simulation fits in with the online learning content.
  • A look at why impromptu speaking is essential for your personal and professional life.
  • Impromptu speaking overview
  • Why is impromptu speaking so important?
  • Impromptu speaking examples
  • Tips and techniques to enhance your impromptu speaking abilities.
  • How to prepare if you have time
  • When you have no preparation time
  • Examples to practice with
  • Additional tips
  • Practice what you've learnt in this fun impromptu simulation game. Talk about what's on 6 random images for 30 seconds, while getting feedback at the end on how you did.

Online simulation overview

How does the impromptu simulation work?

Practice your impromptu speaking skills in an online simulation. The simulation can be accessed directly through your web browser and shows you a random image every 30 seconds, which you'll need to speak about for the allotted time.

There are 6 randomized images in each simulation session, which you can repeat with new images as often as you like.

At the end of the simulation, you’ll receive feedback on your performance, including your pace of speaking, use of hesitation words, how confident you sounded, and more.

Online interview icon

Practice quick thinking

You'll be speaking about a variety of objects or topics to help you practice thinking on the spot, with no preparation beforehand.

Speech analysis icon

Time management

You'll only have 30 seconds to talk about each image - make sure you use your time appropriately.

Record the interview icon

Performance analysis

Identify improvements you can make to your dialogue and body language by watching yourself back and with automated feedback.

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