Build skills that boost your career

Enhance your professional development skills using a unique combination of online learning and realistic practice.


Video-based training to build your professional development skills on relevant workplace topics.

Example Videos

Watch real-life example videos of skills being performed, with detailed analysis and tips.

Practice Exercises

Practice what you learn in online simulations or virtual reality, and get instant feedback on your performance.

Learning Tracks

A curated collection of courses, providing you with the straightest path to your career goals.

Community Forum

Join other VirtualSpeech members for group discussions and peer evaluation on the practice exercises.


VirtualSpeech certificates are a great way to show your skills in your resume and LinkedIn profile.

The VirtualSpeech platform in 1 minute

VirtualSpeech courses have been completed by employees at companies including:

What VirtualSpeech users are saying

"These courses help you build the confidence to get that competitive edge in the workplace. By building skills in a virtual environment, you'll be prepared for when the situation actually occurs."

Lucy Brooks - FluentU

"The sales courses are the best tools to understand and master the mechanics of a sales pitch... From body language to voice quality, these courses have it all. What's more, they are highly interactive."

Aris Apostolopoulos - TalentLMS

"VirtualSpeech helps conquer stage fright and gets you accustomed to what it feels like to be presenting to a crowd, and thus prepare for the same situation in real life."

Kit Eaton - The New York Times

"Insanely useful for someone who wants to learn to speak in front of people... I'm now the 'pitch man' for our company, and my pitches opened the door to our (now completed) seed round of funding."

Jordan Brook - App Review

Frequently Asked Questions

Your subscription includes:

  • 20+ courses on presentation skills, leadership, media training, sales and more
  • 15+ online simulations so that you can practice what you learn
  • 40+ virtual reality scenarios, where you can practice and get feedback on a range of skills
  • Learning tracks, a curated collection of courses to help you reach your goals
  • All simulation and virtual reality features, including speech analysis, performance analysis and uploading slides
  • 30+ video examples which demonstrate the skills being taught
  • Certificates for completed courses, including unique URLs for them so that you can post to social media

Both the simulations and virtual reality scenarios allow you to practice the skills being taught and give you automated feedback on your performance.

The key difference is that simulations can be run in your web browser, whereas to access the virtual reality, you will need a virtual reality headset.

The subscription includes simulation and virtual reality courses, so you can access much of the content without a virtual reality headset.

Online classes and simulations

All our online classes and simulations can be completed from the comfort of your browser, so you won't need to install any new software or hardware. For the best user experience, we suggest using Chrome, Safari or Firefox. We support IE11 or higher.

Virtual reality scenarios (optional)

Some of the courses include training and practice in virtual reality. If you want to experience these virtual reality scenarios, you'll need a virtual reality headset. Here is a list of our recommended headsets.

No, all the online classes and simulations can be completed from the comfort of your browser.

If you want to use the VR training which is in some of the courses, you will need a VR headset.

Our content is regularly updated, including new simulations, virtual reality scenarios, features, and courses. All updates are made available and easy to find in the training library when you login.
Yes, you can. When you visit the course sales page, you can purchase the course with a one-time payment, which gives you 12 months access to it.

You have two options:

  • Buy the individual course - you can do this on the course sales page. This is a one-time payment, without any recurring costs.
  • Purchase our monthly subscription above and simply cancel it when you have completed the course.
Yes, if your employer offers educational reimbursements that cover online learning programs. You will receive an email with your VirtualSpeech receipt that you can submit to your employer to get reimbursed for your VirtualSpeech subscription.
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