Sexual Harassment Training

Provide employees and supervisors with the necessary skills to foster inclusive work environments.

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Course overview



13 online lessons

Digital certificate

7 simulations

2 hours to complete

Course outcomes

Feel confident recognizing sexual harassment in the workplace.

Understand laws about sexual harassment, as well as steps to take when you are a victim of harassment.

Be able to utilize key strategies to address bias and discrimination in work environments.

Know important steps to cultivating a safe and inclusive work environment.

Recognize that early prevention matters - fostering inclusive workplaces is an effective sexual harassment prevention strategy.

Up to 81% of women and 43% of men experience sexual harassment or assault in their lifetime [Source]. As responsible employers and ethical citizens, we must do all we can to prevent this - and that includes reducing harassment in the workplace.

This training program is designed to help people gain the skills necessary to foster inclusive work environments that are healthy, welcoming, and safe for everyone.

Throughout this course, you'll learn all about addressing sexual harassment in the workplace through online videos and practice exercises, where you will have the opportunity to witness some of the most common sexual harassment environments and reflect on how you would and could behave instead.

Online learning, done differently

This course combines e-learning with online simulations for a unique learning approach that brings lasting behavioral change. At certain points in the course, you'll be prompted to experience what you've learned in online simulations.

Learn online courses


Complete a series of self-paced, online classes led by your expert instructor, including videos, quizzes, and case studies. Access these anywhere, anytime.

Practice in simulations

Witness real-life situations

Practice what you learn in online simulations, which mimic real-life situations. Deepen your understanding of harassment by being put in the situation and seeing how you react.

Course curriculum

  • Harassment is a serious impediment to the establishment of a healthy, welcome, and safe workplace environment. Provide employees and supervisors with the necessary skills to foster inclusive work environments. This section provides an overview of what is covered, the history of sexual harassment, and why training is important.
  • Course overview
  • History of sexual harassment
  • Why is training important?
  • Quiz: Section 1
  • Explores what separates harassment from other types of behavior. This can be difficult, as harassment does not have to be explicitly sexual, but it can include offensive remarks, posters, or even correspondence. Following the advice in this section can help you to take the guesswork out of creating a safe and welcoming environment.
  • What is sexual harassment?
  • Types of harassment
  • Harassment law: What you need to know
  • Quiz: Section 2
  • Provides a detailed overview of steps that you can take if you’re a victim of harassment. The section also outlines steps that supervisors should take when an employee makes a sexual harassment claim. It ends with advice for creating a healthy workplace. The best way to guard against misbehavior is to foster a positive work environment where employees feel like valued members of the team.
  • What to do if you’re being harassed
  • Supervisors should lead the way
  • Fostering a healthy workplace
  • Quiz: Section 3
  • Experience different harassment situations, from blocking, to physical contact, to mansplaining. Think about what you've learned in the course while going through these scenarios.
  • Scenario's overview

Your instructor

Dr. Samantha Noll is an internationally recognized author and scholar in applied ethics and online education. She is the author or editor of two books and over 30 scholarly articles on topics, ranging from medical ethics to how to mitigate ethical conflicts in the public sphere.

Her team at Michigan State University won an AT&T Best Online Course Award for their Massive Online Open Course (or MOOC) aimed at making STEM education accessible.

Drawing from over ten years of experience teaching at both private and public universities, Dr. Samantha Noll brings a wealth of experience to the table. This harassment course is based on her extensive experience providing practical ethics training to healthcare professionals and students alike.

Online simulations and experiences

Experience some of the most common sexual harassment situations from a first-person perspective so you can reflect on how it makes you feel, how you could respond, and become aware of times you may unconsciously display any of these traits.

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