Speaking at Different Paces

Practice reading a transcript aloud at different paces, to better understand how different speeds sound.


The pace at which you speak can have a dramatic affect on your audience. Some speakers talk way too fast, making it hard to understand what they are saying, while others speak too slowly, causing the audience to switch off.

In this exercise, you will better understand how different speaking paces sound.

Start by selecting a speed to speak at, for example, 160 words per minute. The speech transcript will then start scrolling at this set speed, forcing you to speak at this pace.

Repeat the exercise with different speeds, allowing you to compare how a change in speaking pace can dramatically alter how you sound.

Accessing the simulation

The speaking pace simulation can be accessed from your web-browser, no installation or download is required.

PC / Laptop


Speaking pace while reading at a set speed

Topics covered

Speaking Pace

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